Chocolate Mango Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Whether it creeps up during that midday slump or after a meal, a sweet tooth is tough to ignore. And with less than 15 percent of U.S. adults eating enough fruit to meet the daily recommendation, there’s good reason to curb your dessert cravings with nature’s candy. Combine that fruit fact with chocolate’s long list of benefits and you’ve got a killer combination. So the next time your sweet tooth comes a-knocking, reach for one of these delicious chocolate mango snacks:

Chocolate Dipped Mango Snacks

It’s likely you’re aware of how delicious dried mango snacks are. But did you know that they also have tons of health benefits? They range from fighting acne to strengthening bones and everything in between. So do yourself a favor and satisfy your sweet tooth with this Chocolate Dipped Mango recipe. The simple recipe incorporates dark chocolate — one of the best antioxidant sources on the planet.

Chocolate Mango Trail Mix

When you’re on-the-go and need a portable fix for a sweets craving, keeping trail mix on hand is a smart solution. We recommend stashing Sunkist® Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix™ Mango Dark Chocolate Blend in the car, your office desk drawer, and your gym bag.

Chocolate Mango Smoothie

When jonesing for a sweet snack, time is of the essence. Luckily, nutrient-rich smoothies can be whipped up in a flash to calm your craving. So treat yourself to an indulgent chocolate mango snack with this Protein Packed Smoothie. For a tropical (and 100% real fruit) crunch, top it off with NEW Sunkist Fruit Chips® Medley Banana • Mango • Pineapple.

Chocolate Mango Energy Bites

If you’ve got a dual, savory-and-sweet craving on your hands, trail mix energy bites just might be the perfect solution. To begin, combine natural peanut butter, Sunkist® Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix™ Mango Dark Chocolate Blend and honey together in a large bowl until evenly coated. Then cover and refrigerate for one to two hours. Remove from the refrigerator and shape into small one-inch balls. Last, but not least — enjoy!

Chocolate Mango Pudding

Sixty percent of adults can’t digest milk, so having a dairy-free sweet snack on hand is ideal, especially if you’re hosting guests. This Chia Pudding recipe uses fresh mango, dark chocolate and chia seeds to create a decadently sweet treat. The best part? It makes 5 servings – enough to share with friends or keep your sweet tooth in check all week long.

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