Breakfast Snacks for Those Busy Mornings

Whether it’s preparing for a day of meetings or getting the kids ready for school, mornings are often the most chaotic part of the day. But no matter what’s going on, squeezing in breakfast must remain a priority. In fact, research suggests eating breakfast has significant benefits for your brain and bodily health. So the next time you’re coming up on a busy morning, look to these quick breakfast snacks to start your day right:

Breakfast Snacks Idea #1: Overnight Oats

For mornings when you don’t have a second to spare, plan ahead the evening before. There’s no excuse for skipping breakfast with these Peanut Butter Overnight Oats. Besides being effortless to prepare, oats are energy boosting—and have a range of additional health benefits. Before digging in, garnish your overnight oats with nutrient-rich dried fruit snacks. If you like to keep your flavor profiles simple, top it with Sunkist Fruit Chips® Crunchy Banana. If you like a more complex flavor, try NEW Sunkist Fruit Chips® Medley Blueberries • Strawberries • Cherries.

Breakfast Snacks Idea #2: Fried Egg Kale Toast

High in fiber, packed with powerful antioxidants, great for cardiovascular support – the list goes on and on when it comes to the benefits of eating kale. So make room for the superfood in your diet with breakfast snacks you can whip up in a flash. Case in point: this Fried Egg Kale Toast. Prep your kale, pop your bread in the toaster, crack open an egg and voila, you have yourself a healthy start to the day.

Breakfast Snacks Idea #3: Fruit Parfait

You know that extra pocket of time  at the end of the night when you’re done with your to-do list, but not quite ready for bed? Do yourself a favor and use 10 of those minutes to make your upcoming morning a breeze. These Make-Ahead Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Parfaits are easily prepared and can be adjusted based on personal preference. Choose your go-to Greek yogurt and berry medley of choice. (Bonus better-for-you tip: use coconut yogurt if you’re avoiding dairy.) For an added crunch, layer in trail mix packed with delicious premium fruit. The NEW Sunkist® Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix™ Guava Chili Mango Blend is a perfect pick that combines both spicy and sweet flavors.

Breakfast Snacks Idea #4: Quinoa Muffins 

If there’s an entire house to feed, a batch of breakfast snacks is a game changer. Not only does batch cooking save time, but it makes eating healthy attainable for those on the go. So stock the fridge with these Apple Quinoa Muffins. Made with real fruit and one of the healthiest foods of all time, these muffins provide all the nutrients you need to sail through a busy morning.

Breakfast Snacks Idea #5: Chia Pudding

Did you know chia seeds have three times more iron than spinach, six times more calcium than milk, and two times more potassium than bananas? What’s more, they can be prepared in minutes the night before a busy morning. Give it a try with this Chia Seed Pudding recipe. Take your pick of flavors from chocolate, chai, matcha and more. Then add any extras that appeal to your morning mood. Our recs: NEW Sunkist Fruit Chips® Medley Strawberries • Mango or Sunkist® Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix™ Breakfast Espresso & Granola Blend

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