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Sunkist has a rich history that started well before Trail Mix and Fruit Chips. The Sunkist brand was created over a hundred years ago, when citrus fruit growers in California and Arizona came together to institute the Sunkist trademark as a mark of freshness and premium flavor. As time went on, this mark began appearing on all sorts of great products, from vitamins to fruit snacks, and let everyone know that the thing they were holding was bursting with quality.

In 2013, Snack it Forward created a line of better-for-you snacks licensing the Sunkist mark of quality for our delicious trail mix. Our premium fruit and nut blends redefined trail mixes, which up to that point were mainly made mostly from peanuts, raisins and candy.

Snack it Forward followed the successes of Sunkist® Trail Mix™ with the 2014 introduction of Sunkist Fruit Chips®, light crispy 100% real fruit chips that are never fried never baked and made from just real fruit. Sunkist Fruit Chips have been a welcome solution for snackers seeking delicious, nutritious snacks with no added sugar, colors or flavors.

Now in 2016, Snack it Forward debuts even more fruit forward product to the delight of fruit snackers everywhere, including the exotic new flavors of Sunkist Trail Mix and new single-serve varieties of our Sunkist Trail Mix for go-anywhere convenience.

Today, Snack it Forward is based out of Los Angeles, CA and operates a portfolio of better for you snack food brands that are reinventing how families think about snacking.

For more information, please visit www.snackitforward.com.